Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Think YOU THINK of Stupid Things, Steve? I'll Raise You a Pickle.

Sometimes a pickle is just a pickle.

A friend of mine just told me she was desperate for a Cherry Coke, and had to rummage through her purse and find change to buy one.  She felt kind of sheepish doing this. 

I told her that sometimes, sacrifices must be made.

Not once, but several times in junior high, I found myself desperate for a dill pickle (the kind that float in a jar of brine on the countertops of fine dining establishments everywhere).  During these times of desperate craving, I would walk around the gravel parking lots near the pickle emporium*, searching for change on the ground.  I had to come up with $0.50, because one large pickle was (including tax) $0.48.  I wanted to be prepared if they happened to raise the price by two cents.

There were days where I bought a pickle, and there were days where I had to continue walking home defeated and pickle-less.

[*the pickle emporium was Cal's Roast Beef, if you are wondering]

So, Steve may ponder Molly-ness.  I ponder pickles.

[Steven here: Good grief, pickles. You were thinking of pickles when your friend needed money for Cherry Coke. Well, I try never to think of pickles at all, so I guess that kind of evens things out.]
[Oh, and the Freudian quote above is my addition to your bloggy goodness. It's kind of freaky, having my sister share her inner pickle manias where I am supposed to respond to them. Gives me the shivers.]
[And Good Grief! "I'll raise you a pickle?!" You need more therapy.]

[Kate here: Shut up.]

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  1. Cals had photos on the tables of the actual cow that you were eating. I couldn't really eat a lot of beef sandwiches there on acownt of it.