Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seven Things About Steve

1.  He likes to be called "Steven."  I, therefore, call him Steve.  Sometimes "Schteff," and occasionally, "Esteban."

2.  He used to be able to lay (lie? lay? recline?) on his belly on his bed to read.  Up on his elbows, on the red, ribbed bedspread.  It would give him deep indentations on his elbows and forearms. I simply do NOT get how that was comfortable.

3.  When he would play the piano, he would unconsciously make the most atrocious faces.  Like a zombie.  I always worried he'd drool.

4.  He really hates to rake leaves.

5.  He has a kind of perverse genius at writing new words to already-existing songs.

6.  He can actually make my daughter vomit with laughter when he decides to bring stuffed animals to life.  They are often attitudinal, and frequently Indian.  You can tell by the accent.

7.  He rode his bike to the hospital when he burst his appendix.  (He survived) (Barely)

Steve here: So we're going to play it this way, eh? Let the games begin.

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