Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, It's Been DAYS Since I Last Posted! (Annotated) [Annotated AGAIN] {With annotation appended} {No, rilli! Moose bites can be verri nasti!} [with one final word from the afterlife]

The short one seems at a disadvantage, no?

Day?  Oh well.

Here are a few Haiku in honor of my brother, Steeeve.

Kate's witticisms,
Were they bottled and then sold:
[without an electron microscope]

Steve has a big butt.
(*Not really, but don't tell him.)
And a big nose too.*

If beauty and wit
Were assigned equal measure,
The people would say,
"Well, that Kate: Ain't she clever?"

Mornings, he looks dead.
Rumpled, gray, crusty, surly.
He makes good tea, though.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Kate is a big doofus.
Kate is a big doofus who?
Kate is a big doofus 
who never quite knows when to quit
and wouldn't know a good cup of tea
if it ran over her with a sommelier.
Or something.

He sings harmony:
Reasonable baritone
He longs to sing bass.

Kate makes harmony
Even when she plays her flute
All by her lonesome.

Animates stuffies;
Danny Kaye impressions: fab!
Poetry: wretched.

(FYI: Stuffies are stuffed animals)

If five-seven-five
Makes a wonderful haiku,
Kate is the winner.

That is all.



Knock, knock. Who's there? "Woo!"
Woo who? Steve resorted to
"QED." I win!

She wrote a knock-knock 
in the form of haiku.
Oh, what; I say, 
What is a brother to do?
Unable to stand
before such Haiku-fu,
I bow, and I bow
and do Dr. Seuss, too.

[Kate here: Told ya.]

Well, I just mean.

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