Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mom and Dad, 57 Years

Today is M&D's anniversary.  FIFTY SEVEN YEARS, people.

I called them to wish them many happy returns (what does that mean, anyway?), and mentioned that I had heard about this new "Negotiable Length Marriage Contract" thing that Mexico is thinking of doing.  Basically, it's a lease.  You decide how long your marriage contract would last (let's say, two years), and at the end of the time, you can either walk away; no harm, no foul; or you can do it again.

Dad said that while they may have gotten the 57-year term contract, he plans to re-up.
What a relief.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


  1. Yaaaaah! And I forgot. Again. I AM THE WORST CHILD EVER. I even called today and said something stupidly clueless, like always.

    Thanks for making me look bad!

  2. Steve: it's only 7:30 your time. CALL THEM. Dork.

  3. I just called. Gregory is up, wishing them a happy anniversary. Anyway, when I called to wish them a happy anniversary, Mom said, "Oh? Who told ya?"