Monday, October 3, 2011

If a Butterfly Flaps Its Wings In Japan....

Steve asked me to maybe share this, and to explain from whence it came.  Sorry.  Can't.  Just another random brother-sister "hilarious death" conversation.
Steve will have to fill in the gaps, if he can.  [Steeeve?  Please fill in gaps.  thkx - k]
You know that parable/story/Japanese Urban Legend that says that the entire world is so interconnected that the mere flap of a butterfly's wings in Japan can cause a hurricane halfway across the entire world?

Well, Steve and I pondered that there could be a far more sinister force at work here.  Perhaps premeditated.


(Steven here. This comes from the Butterfly Effect concept. Explaining further would surely ruin the effect of Kate's brilliant art. Kate and I were chatting, and hilarity ensued. I do like her rendition of the lightning striking down the little city, though; and I think that's the first truly diabolical butterfly I've ever seen drawn.)