Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The FBI Is Tracking Us

What was I talking about?
Steve and I were chatting on the phone (me on the cell, driving home from a night of teaching, him on his home phone) when -- very oddly -- a woman's voice came on and said, "This call is being recorded."

No kidding.

It was obviously a recording, and we BOTH heard it.

So apparently, the feds are onto us.  Just when we were really getting our sinister plans moving.  Sigh.

[Steven here: When the Feds record someone, do they say, "This call is being recorded"? Also, they'll never find me in my lair under the volcano, nor you in your floating citadel on a zeppelin.]

[Steven still here: After we heard the recording, we started discussing Kate's meth lab, my marijuana farm, our underage Asian slave workforce who make political buttons we sell to the Occupy Wall Street guys at on obscene profit, or our other plans to destroy/take over the world. But we NEVER discussed anything illegal, like what we would hijack. We were just saying, "Hi, Jack!" to a friend passing by.]

Kate here again:
Maybe the "This call is being recorded" thing is like in the Princess Bride, where he builds up a resistance to Iocane Powder.  It could be a ploy to make us THINK they were recording us, and then when they DON'T announce it, we'll let the really good stuff (about the planned hijacking, perhaps?) slip.  And then?  When they announce it AGAIN, we'll be all, "But, they're just saying that to make us THINK they are recording, when in fact, the poison is in the OTHER goblet." 

Kate here again, again.
And Steven? Your argument is invalid.  We all know you have no friends named Jack.  I mean, friends who anyone else can see.


  1. Did you mention how you were born in Area 51, and don't understand that strange dot people have just above the beltline?

  2. And you were married in Los Alamos, New Mexico!

  3. Just press #4 on your google phone and see if it happens again Stevie!

  4. FYI: Steven and I have never been married. (To each other.) yeuucccchhhhh.

  5. Thank God for that! No, U STUPID, Kate and hubby Ken were married in Los Alamos! Sheesh! Ask Steve's invisible friend Jack.