Saturday, October 8, 2011

And We'll Be Jolly Friends Forevermore

Kate, a little trip down memory lane, as interpreted by Katie Herzig.

This little song (minus the melancholy, modern bits) was sung to us a million times by our Mom as we grew up. But it apparently has its dark side, bwa-ha-ha. A little music history, via Wikipedia (the fount of all knowledge):

"Playmates" is a popular song ostensibly written by Saxie Dowell. The main theme was note-for-note plagiarized from the 1904 intermezzo "Iola" by Charles L. Johnson, for which Johnson sued, settling out of court for an undisclosed sum.

So Mom was singing us to sleep with a little plagiarized ditty. But it's one of my warmest memories, snuggling down to bed, while Mom scritched my back (scritching is a combination scratch-and-rub, which my mother specialized in). I was a sick kid, and she spent a lot of time sitting on my bed, helping me get to sleep when I was coughing and ill. Katie Herzig's pretty good, but Mom sang it better.

(Oh, and this is a version my mom may conceivably have listened to when she was younger. Take it away, Fontane Sisters!)

Kate here.  Can I confess that I won't listen to this?  Sorry.  Nobody should ever sing this but Mom.

[Steven here: UPDATE: I asked Mom about this, and she said she thinks her mom sang it to her when she was young, but has no recollection of it. She's always known the song. I told her AGAIN that we have a blog that sentimentally discusses her, and AGAIN she said she'd look at it. Doubtful, no?]


  1. Kate, you goof, you deleted the video. But I'll try to find one that Mom might have listened to when she was young.

  2. I so did NOT delete it. The universe did.

    (Really - did I delete it? I didn't mean to!)

  3. Hm. I updated anyway. And you DID TOO erase it. Or our Fairy Great-grand-godmother did it.