Thursday, September 29, 2011


I thought I'd go first. Kate pointed out that in all her blog reading, she's never once come upon a brother-sister blog. And nor had I! Well, we're here now, so welcome to our nightmare.

Introductions, first. (Kate will have to write her own.)

I'm Steven Knoerr, owner of Chicago Captioning by day and The 39 Steeps by night. The business, Chicago Captioning, creates closed-captions and related services for TV broadcast programs, Web, subtitled DVDs, and so on. We're a growing company, so I'll shamelessly plug it here. My webpage is being updated, so I won't even bother recommending you look at it until it's done. (But for linky-love, it's, and the new version is, which is clearly in process. Don't judge me by my unfinished work! Still, cool new layout, eh?)

I also write for The 39 Steeps blog, which has been on hiatus for some time. But I feel like it's time to write again, so off we go. The blog is about tea and tea culture, with a focus on high-end, single-estate, unflavored teas. My first love is Darjeeling, but I've learned much about various Chinese and Japanese green teas, glorious oolongs, and wacky pu-erhs. My newest obsession is something called, Dan Cong oolong. If you go to my blog and click, "The 39 Steeps Radio" button on the right, you'll hear an hour-and-a-half-long conversation with Imen Shan, owner of Tea Habitat, who sells the most outrageously amazing tea I've ever discovered. And that's saying something, because I've had a lot of amazing tea. If you want to know what a REAL tea connoisseur looks like, go to her blog,, and buy her mind-bending tea at Seriously, not to be missed. A bit pricey, but don't let that stop you. Tea is easily the least-expensive gourmet habit you could pick up; a good tea can be steeped anywhere between 3 and 20 (I've even heard of up to 60) times. So you definitely get your money's worth.

AND AS FOR THIS BLOG: I am going to probably link my tea-related and other writing here, and see what weirdness develops from co-blogging with my sister, Kate Prouty. She has a couple of blogs of her own, and her atrocious cartoon-drawing skills will be on full display here for all to shudder (and laugh) at.

Who knows? Perhaps this blog will interest you enough to read, but we're really doing this for our own bemusement. Please keep your head and hands inside the blog at all times, and enjoy the rest of your day at Sibling Ribaldry.


Dear Darling Steven:
When I read that, you know what I saw?  Tea blahblahblahTEAblah, Oolongblahblahtea.  Blogblah? Blogblahlinkylinkycaptioningblah.  

Love you! 
Oh, was I supposed to introduce myself?
Ok then.
I'm Kate.  Used to be Kathy, but then I went to Italy and it was all Kates all the way down from then on.  I enjoy that the plural of "Gin and Tonic" is "Gins and Tonics," and I play and teach the flute.  Being the youngest sister to a pack of four siblings for some years now has shaped who I have become, and I've made my peace for the most part.  A sucker for a challenge, I love to cook things that have no place being cooked by someone with no training (chocolate souffle, anyone?), and I enjoy parenting when my children are fast asleep.Why do this blog? Steve and I have so many in-jokes, developed during many, many hours of leaf raking, dish-doing, and avoiding our parents, that our conversations are nearly in code to the outside observer.  It's kind of funny in a "I don't get it" sort of way.
Let's test this, shall we?  
Oh, Steeeeeve...


  1. I think this will be a very interesting read. I'd try to do this with my own brother and sister. But eventually someone would get hurt and mom would get called in to break it all up. ;)

  2. Love it already! Looking forward to following this blog!